My life as a produser

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Throughout this course I have developed many new tools and knowledge in terms of communications and pop culture technologies.  I have also broadened my knowledge in this field of information which we have studied over time.  Between Storify and Popcorn as well as our regular blogs I have become more aware and thus more able to “produse” over time.

Bird discusses term “‘produser’, representing the merging of the producer and consumer in an interactive environment, has been widely embraced as representing an entirely new way of seeing the media ‘audience’”.  To relate this to our course, I see our blogs and other work as being a method of production while providing information for the consumer of Facebook, Twitter, and other media forms.  Our tasks tier to this new media audience because our generation needs to be informed about modern technology and its uses, as opposed to topics which have been touched upon time and time again.

 In Peter Lunenfeld’s article he states, “Participation brings people into contact with the simulations, expanding the user base and turning the computer into a major social and cultural force”.  In order to better assist in understanding my role has a produser I found this quote to be very supportive.  By participating in different platforms and touching upon different topics, I have become more of a produser of social information as opposed to my previous kinds of informative writing.  Before my informative writing was highly based off of other ideas and thus I have developed more social and cultural forces of writing by analyzing topics that affect most of us rather than a few of us.

Referring back to Bird’s article, I feel as though I can now use this information and knowledge to improve the use of Twitter.  Some of my classmates have commented on my posts discussing how they agree that Twitter and Facebook should be used wisely and intuitively, which makes me feel as though I have benefited them in a way.  I may not be able to directly create software or manage a social networking platform but I can affect how they are used and protect users from making mistakes.

We live in a world (Western world) where we can use these platforms to inform one another and become produsers.  However this does not exist in many areas of the world (Nigeria) whereas 16.1 percent of the population has access to internet.  Therefore many cannot use the internet to become produsers and inform others about content.  Topics which are of dire relevance to society cannot be transferred to the consumer because the people with the money are the only ones able to become produsers.  Thus I believe it is important for people such as myself to continue to produse in order to share information of relevance.   

Stern states that his intimation of deprival is that our information and online content is used for marketing value.  I agree that by participating we are contributing to this market value for which is used to market to us.  My personal intimation of deprival is that we need to ensure that we produse effective material and don’t bring it to a point where information is dry.  As I have previously stated it is important to ensure our posts and information is important rather than repetitive or redundant.  We can provide effective information as consumers and producers and thus ensure that any intimations of deprival do not occur and weaken the power of social media.


Anthony M    


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