Online Content for the Greater Good

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

In the past year most people including myself have used the online world to consume and produce various documents, social needs, and personal browsing.  Therefore I am part of the contribution by consumers towards corporations so that they can track us on market to us more effectively.  Jenkins (2004) states that the American TV industry is targeting frequent online users to gain information about consumers.  Then our information is used by the TV companies to market effectively through online media platforms that we use.  Although I do think this violates our privacy there are benefits towards my and your continued production of online content.  However I am aware of this and still use online platforms despite what my information may be used for.  

My online content consists of Facebook, twitter, and YouTube mostly.  This content can be beneficial to society as Miller (2004) discusses that “collective consumer action”  focusing on social change can be progressive for society.  Therefore in terms of situations such as Hurricane Sandy and the Connecticut shootings I can post information expressing sorrow for these victims.  With all of society doing this there is more awareness for victims and thus increased charitable donations.  I myself feel it is important for people to be aware of these events so that we can help victims as online platforms have definitely helped broaden our knowledge of worldwide events.  

With examples of raising awareness for charitable purposes or expressing my own thoughts I will continue to produce online content for personal purposes but also for the greater good of the world I live in.  Although I may be targeted with ads based on what I produce and research the positives outweigh the negatives by continuing to produce online content.

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