Life With a Cell Phone (Major)

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

In the current life we live exist on of the most evolutional products in society.  These Personal Communication Technologies (PCTs) have evolved from simple handheld games to portable phones.  We speak, take/watch pictures/videos entirely on one devise which results in our reliance on them.  In the readings by Campbell & Park (2008) had a very important concluding message in their article stating that PCTs have become a central form of technology.  Similar to TVs, and radios, PCT’s are now uncommon if not being used; basically you cannot find a house in this country without a PCT.   It is crazy to think that our society is so inclined to grab our cell phones and text someone when we need to discuss something rather than face-to-face conversations.  The cell phones which we use assist in displaying us technologically as people judge us through messages in text.  This prevents us from knowing one another by person but rather as somewhat of potentially different person.  Therefore this constraint is one of the most evolutional innovations in technology.  We acknowledge ourselves less in person and more over our PCTs which is odd compared to how society was only 50 years ago.  In Raymond’s Blog, Are we all the same way? he discusses that we think what others would think of us before we state something on PCTs ( .  Therefore we are more similar to one another and less unique and different as humans have been in the past, This trend that I have noticed should be an issue in society even though it is not, and I myself am guilty of having more conversations on the phone rather than in person and contributing to the lack of personal interaction.

Nowadays we anticipate a high volume of applications and usages from our PCTs rather than texting and calling.  With my Blackberry I use applications such as texting, calling, internet, games, and more.  Especially on Facebook and Twitter I have used my phone a lot.  In an article by Walker et. Al. (2009) the authoprs make a point that the only impediment to future societal growth is the variation amounts of work we use our mobile devices.   These devices cannot simply replace all tasks by human but can certainly complete many of them.  This establishes a barrier to the growth of the human race.  We are unable to grow and our societal IQ may be shrinking due to our reliance on devices. This all makes sense as we are able to contact people quicker, search things quicker and do more on one device.  My stance on this situation is that we need to be aware of the advancement of these technologies so that human contact does not continue to decline, that’s just going backwards in society.

In the article by Zambonelli (2012) he discusses the inclusion of all humans as an urban superorganism were ICTs will impact society positively.  To travel, to shop, to eat’s blog discusses the reliance we have on our phones and are becoming more and more similar as one due to this reliance (  Therefore society has to begin moving in another direction although that seems impossible.  I agree with this point because it does contribute to the fallout of society as we will be compromised of similar people. Jordana’s article discusses how our cell phones may be contributing to our lack of effort in other areas of life such as job seeking (  We rely too much on PCTs which takes more time out of our days, this has to change.

In all I am in significant agreement with the articles above, society is moving backwards due to PCTs, ICTs etc. and we must fix this situation for future generations.


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